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2016 Board Meeting Minutes

2015 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting – Tuesday 1/5/2016

Meeting opened at 6:00 pm, in attendance – Kim Wright, Chris Cruse, John May, Dawn Montgomery, Betty Boyd, Arden Scroggins, Andy Stafford, Sean Froehlich, Franca King.

Treasurer’s Report was submitted and turned over by Kevin Stockholm to Chris Cruse.

SRDA Balance - $2630.00 (Storage payment to be made at the beginning of the year)

Take A Trip Balance - $6,589.73

Penny Stockholm advised Chris of Southwest prices for the TAT to Vegas, at this point Chris Cagle has committed to going, Chris will call the next ones on the list.

Chris made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Sean, all in favor.

Secretary’s Report was submitted, Sean made a motion to accept, Chris seconded, all in favor.

TAT spreadsheet was given to all board members.

Old Business:

Chris will handle the sale of the old dart boards @ $20/board to the bars that represent SRDA.

Arden will contact an acquaintance regarding pricing to buy additional standards for Dart tournaments.

New Business:

Final Signups for Winter 2016 Session ends Saturday 1/9/16 @ Penny Lane
Captain’s Meeting to be held at the Moose Lodge, Friday 1/15/16 @ 7:00 pm
Decision was made to alternate these two events every session. Start of play will either be 1/21/16 or 1/24/16 depending on how many teams sign up.

Decision to alternate board meetings to all SRDA bars was made.

Rating’s Meeting to be held on 1/12/16 at Georgia’s.

There will be no league play on 2/7/16 due Superbowl and no league play on 2/14/16 due to Shoot for the Moon Tournament in Alabama.

State Team Rosters are to be turned in no later than 1/15/16. If there are more than 2 men and 2 women’s team rosters are submitted, there will be qualifiers held date, time and venue to be announced.

Chris made a motion to accept all above dates, Arden seconded, all in favor.

Chris made a motion for Penny Stockholm to continue to do stats for the next session, Sean seconded, all in favor.

Sean made a motion for Elizabeth McEachron to continue to maintain the website, as well as continue to make all awards for end of session, Chris seconded, all in favor.

Betty made a motion for Kim to create an SRDA Group page on Facebook, Chris seconded, all in favor.

John will visit two new bars and see if either of them would like to join SRDA.

It was decided that the Valentine’s Day Tournament will be held at the Moose on 2/6/16, Kevin contacted Phil Dye, Phil agreed on the date. Penny approved the dates for TDO sanctioning. Betty will create the flyer for this tournament.

Sean made a motion approving a 2 day benefit tournament for Cooper to be held 1/16 @ Georgia’s and 1/17 @ Sullivan’s, Chris seconded, all in favor.

Everyone gave Betty their email addresses, Betty will compile and send to all board members.

Andy made a motion to make Arden the new ADO/TDO rep for SRDA, John seconded, all in favor. Arden will get in contact with the ADO Representative to set up future qualifiers.

We will buy a new printer for the statistician as old one is beyond repair. Chris will get with Penny on this purchase.

Next board meeting is set for 2/2/16 @ Penny Lane @ 6:00 pm

Franca made a motion to end the meeting, Betty seconded, all in favor.

Meeting Adjourned.

SRDA Board Meeting – 2/2/2016

Meeting opened at 5:57 pm in attendance Sean Froehlich, Kim Wright, Chris Cruse, Arden Scroggins, Betty Boyd, Franca King

Chris provided the Treasurer’s Report – Franca moved to accept, Arden seconded, all in favor.

Franca provided the Secretary’s Report – Arden moved to accept, Betty seconded, all in favor.

Discussion of when dues need to be paid. Should be paid by first week of play.

Arden’s contacts no longer make standards, we will look elsewhere. We own 13 at the present time.

Inventory will be done on storage unit when everything gets picked up for the Valentine’s Day Tournament. We will use the boards for the tournament and then sell them to the bars.

Board will meet at the Moose at 8:00 am on 2/6/16 to set up for Tournament. Penny will provide the computer/printer and paper for the Tournament.

Discussion was held on who would do what at the tournament.

Will pick up liquor to raffle at tournament, Kim will pick up 50 shirts to sell @ $15.00/each.

New Business:

Bar List needs to be resent to Betty McEachron to post on website.

Chris will book rooms for State Team event to be held in Tri Cities for all teams that SRDA is sending.

Chris made a motion to create officer email accounts. We will each create our own.

Chris asked if we could purchase another computer that he could use as he does not have one and needs one to conduct his treasurer’s business.

Virginia Beach will be the next TAT – 3/31/16 through 4/3/16 Cut off for points will be 2/20/16.

Next meeting will be held at 5th Wheel Tuesday 3/1/16 @ 6:00 pm

Sean made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Arden seconded, all were in favor.


SRDA Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting took place at 5th Wheel in Murfreesboro, TN, @ 6:00 pm

In attendance were Sean Froehlich, Chris Cruse, Kim Wright, Arden Scroggins, Betty Boyd, Dawn Montgomery and Franca King

Treasurer’s report was given, motion to accept by Franca, seconded by Sean, all were in favor.

Secretary’s report was given, motion to accept by Sean, seconded by Chris, all were in favor.

Rooms for TAT at Virginia Beach still not booked, Chris called to make the arrangements while in route to Board Meeting, they will be booked by end of day.

Need a box of score sheets for next session, to be ordered.

New boards – pricing acquired for Unicorns - $39 each shipping included – Franca made a motion for Arden to take care of getting them ordered through Tom @ Pickled Pig, seconded by Sean, all were in favor. Arden will also get with Phil Dye @ the Moose to have them shipped there.

Sold the old boards for a total of $400.00. Will be able to sell the Unicorn boards that we are acquiring for $25 each when it is time to sell them.

Bar list has been updated on the Website.

Chris Cruse created a new email address for the treasurer slot – srdat2016@gmail.com

Discussion was held regarding League Session dues – need to be paid by Captain’s meeting unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Discussion was held on amending the by-laws on player requirements. Further discussion will be held at next board meeting and a decision made on what exactly to amend.

Check for TDO fees was given to Franca to give to Penny Stockholm, Treasurer for the TDO.

MT Bottles, MJs, NBC – three bars that are thinking about joining the SRDA League to house Dart teams. Couple of board members will try to get out this next month and visit with them.

Take A Trip attendees for Virginia Beach are Chuck Pankow, Monte Hale, Tim Maloney and Spencer Haney. Flights and rooms are now booked.

Session ends Sunday April 3rd and Thursday April 7th – need to set up dates and venues for playoffs and banquet.

Was brought up to rotate Sunday & Thursday Blind Draws during the off-session. Discussion to be held at next meeting.

Next meeting to be held at Chappy’s @ 6:00 pm on 4/5/16.

Chris made a motion to adjourn meeting @ 7:01 pm, seconded by Sean, all were in favor.

SRDA Board Meeting Minutes

April 4, 2016

Meeting was called to order by Kim Wright @ 6:03p.

In attendance were the following: Kim Wright, Sean Froehlich, Arden Scroggins, Andy Stafford, Betty Boyd, Dawn Montgomery and Franca King.

There was no Treasurer’s Report as Chris Cruse was not present.

Secretary report given, Sean made a motion to accept, Dawn seconded, all were in favor.

Board Members are still collecting monies for the rooms that SRDA covered at State Team Event.

48 Unicorn boards were ordered and Tom Bush will deliver to the Moose Lodge on 4/6/16. We bought extra boards because we obtained a better price by buying bulk. We have been approached by Terry Stewart and asked to sell 8 to him for the one day State Tournament Warm-Up on 4/10/16. Board agreed to do so.

All available board members need to meet at the Moose Lodge on Thursday 4/14/16 @ 9:00p to set up for the State Tournament.

Discussion held to add a paragraph to the bylaws in Article XIX THE TEAM, PLAYERS STATUS, NEW PLAYER - In order for any SRDA team member to be eligible to play in Playoffs at the end of each session you must have played at least one match in 4 different weeks of play.

Dawn made a motion to amend the bylaws to include this wording starting Spring Session of 2016, Sean seconded, all were in favor.

Discussion held to amend the bylaws for the following change in Article XIX THE TEAM, PLAYERS STATUS, NEW PLAYER – Substitutes can be used in any week of play throughout the entire session. This will replace the following: “Substitutes cannot be used in the last three (3) scheduled matches of the season.”

Motion made by Sean, seconded by Arden, all were in favor.

Spencer Haney was originally going to take the Take A Trip to Virginia Beach, after all arrangements had been made Spencer had to back out. The airline ticket is in his name and could not be refunded to the SRDA. If Spencer is in a high enough point ranking for any trip in the next year he needs to try to go and use up the ticket. If he cannot go after the “one year” deadline, his points will go to zero.

The following are the dates for the next events to be held:

Top Gun Men – Saturday 4/23/16 @ Bullseye @ 1:00 pm - to be run by Arden Scroggins
Top Gun Women – Saturday 4/23/16 @ Sullivan’s @ 12:00 (noon) - to be run by Kim Wright

Playoffs: A Division - Sunday 4/24/16 @ The Moose Lodge @ 6:00 pm - to be run by Arden Scroggins
B Division - Sunday 4/24/16 @ Penny Lane @ 5:00 pm – to be run by Franca King
C Division – Sunday 4/24/16 @ 5th Wheel @ 4:00 pm – to be run by Kim Wright

Banquet: Sunday 5/1/16 @ Georgia’s @ 1:00 pm – Playoffs, Banquet to follow
Also final day for Team Sign Ups for Summer Session League

Board Meeting for May and also Ratings Meeting to be held @ the Moose @ 6:00 pm on 5/3/16

Captain’s Meeting to be held on 5/7/2016 @ Penny Lane @ 7:00 pm

Anticipate start of play will be Thursday 5/12/16 and Sunday 5/15/16

Franca will get all information to Kim to prepare the packets for next session.

Sean will get with Penny Stockholm to get all information compiled for trophies etc. to give to Elizabeth McEachron

Decision to have all dues to be paid by Captains Meeting, was made. Kim will post on Facebook and Elizabeth will post on the website.

Arden asked the Board if they would consider SRDA putting in up to $30 each for women & men at qualifiers if less than 11 players play to qualify to help pay the way for the winners to represent the SRDA at ADO events. This has been tabled to the next board meeting.

Motion was made by Dawn to adjourn the meeting @ 6:57pm, Sean seconded, all were in favor.

SRDA Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting was opened at 5:52 pm – in attendance were Dawn Montgomery, Sean Froehlich, Kim Wright, John May, Kevin Stockholm & Franca Kim. Christopher Cruse arrived part way through meeting.

Since Franca was not at the meeting held 5/3/16, Kim Wright gave the Secretary Report from meeting last month. Franca made the motion to accept the minutes and Kevin seconded, all in favor.

Treasurers Take A Trip account ledger was submitted, Chris was not present to submit the SRDA account ledger. Willie made another payment of $200 and is still owing the SRDA $264.00 Sean made a motion to accept the reports given, Dawn seconded, all in favor.

John May reported that some SRDA members have been asking him why the current league schedule had some teams playing at bars each night and why some had no teams playing some nights. Answer given was that depending on how many teams played out of a bar and depending on what division they were in, you can only schedule accordingly as best as can.

Take A Trip tournaments that are possibles to send members to:

Roswell NW 8/19 through 8/21 $10,000
Connecticut 8/5 through 8/7 $20,000
Pittsburg 8/19 through 8/21 $7,500
Corpus Christi 9/9 through 9/11 $10,700

Cut-off for for points – July 9, 10216, list of tournaments given to John May, he will check with members in contention to see which tournament they would like to attend.

Next meeting scheduled for Monday July 18, 2016

Sean made a motion to adjourn Meeting at 6:47 pm, John seconded, all in favor